Whether you’ve been reading for a long time or if this is the first post you’ve ever read – you’ll notice that we’re much more than a blog about a green business opportunity. We’re a blog about recycling, we’re a blog about home business, we’re a blog about making a better life for yourself, and we’re also a blog about business.

Are you interested in starting a small business? Maybe you haven’t done it yet because there are loads of challenges facing small business owners. Here’s a short list of challenges to small business owners:

  • Delegation
  • Finding and keeping good employees
  • Training

Delegating work, finding the right employees, and training your employees to do a good job are 3 very time consuming but essential aspects of running a small business. However, they are 3 things you can avoid while also earning a recession proof incoming by simply working for yourself.

Working as your own boss in a low overhead business doesn’t have to be as “rare” as many think it to be. It just takes finding the right product that sells itself and before long, you have a long list of retainer clients that are already on board. That product is savings. By becoming an expert on waste and recycling you can be your own boss in a low overheard business by helping businesses of all kinds save money on waste and recycling.

Every year, businesses across the country waste thousands when it comes to waste. By offering them savings they never knew they could make, you help their bottom line and earn a residual, recession proof income in the process. What’s even better is that it’s a business opportunity with no overhead. All you need is what you already have – a phone, a computer, a car, and motivation. You don’t need to hire, you only need to train yourself, and you don’t need an office space or additional supplies.

Being your own boss and starting your own business doesn’t have to be an all consuming nightmare. Surprisingly, trash is the answer. By learning more about how you can help businesses cut costs by recycling better, you can start your own low overheard business.

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