LED Lighting Consulting
Save Companies up to 80% on their Lighting Costs

All companies can benefit financially from switching to energy efficient lighting solutions. They have no idea about the hazardous materials inside the old lighting technology or the federal tax credits and rebates that go along with upgrading to LED lighting. Most companies can qualify for financing so a portion of the savings generated by switching to new LED lights can be re-directed to pay for the lights resulting in no out of pocket costs! You will offer LED lighting solutions to companies with at least 5 locations or have very large sq. footage and keep their lights on for long periods of time. LED lighting solutions will reduce your clients lighting costs by up to 80%; money your clients can use to help fund their corporate initiatives and produce positive cash flow. You will be responsible for arranging the initial presentation – Joint Venture, and we do all the work. You will earn big money from every lighting package sold at every client location! You earn 4.5% of every lighting package – That 4.5% recently netted one affiliate over $39,000 on a five-location hotel client!


Waste Management Consulting
Reduce Your Clients Waste Disposal Costs up to 75%

90% of all companies overspend and are over-serviced for waste disposal and recycling services and you can profit from the savings generated. They have no idea their containers are too big, being emptied too frequently or that there are less expensive “green” alternatives that divert waste away from the landfills at a much lower cost. As an EWS Affiliate you will help companies streamline and reduce their costs associated with waste disposal and recycling. You will work on Joint Venture (JV) accounts that are spending at least 10-15K per month on waste disposal and recycling. On these accounts you arrange the initial meeting and we do all the work after that while you earn 25-50% of the fee EWS collects from the client over the 60 month term - % depends on how much time you have to help EWS collect necessary data and perform analysis on each account. One affiliate recently earned over $500K on a multi-location restaurant client!